International Partnering

Dr. Pfleger Arzneimittel is an independent medium-sized pharmaceutical company with extensive experience in niche marketing its own as well as other licensed-in pharmaceutical products.

Our pharmaceutical products are currently exported from Germany to more than 40 countries in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and South America and distributed by competent local partners. We focus on high quality niche products.

Our production facilities have been continuously expanded and improved over the last decades and are operated under the highest GMP quality standards. All manufacturing and quality control activities are exclusively performed at the German production site.

Key therapeutic areas

Our leading product in urology, Spasmex®, is indicated for the oral treatment of Overactive Bladder Symptoms (OAB) which are often associated with urinary incontinence. Especially elderly, multi-morbid patients receiving poly-medication benefit from the efficient and safe treatment with the substance Trospium Chloride, which was developed by our company.

Gynecology/ dermatology:
Several own and licensed-in products for different indications, and for women of all ages, are distributed by us.

OTC products:
Our traditional herbal pastilles Ipalat® give relief for professionals who rely on their voice, such as singers and teachers, as well as for patients suffering from colds and coughs. Our self-medication line is supplemented by a range of different pain killers for mild to moderate pain.

Strategic partnerships with experienced companies

We offer opportunities for collaboration, distribution and licensing in markets where we are not yet active.

Your Profile as our collaboration partner

  • Expertise in niche Marketing i.e. urology/gynecology/OTC
  • Staff for local product management and medical information
  • Qualified sales force
  • Established relationships with key opinion leaders
  • Resources to perform local registration procedures and maintenance

Benefits for our business partners

  • Extensive expertise with the product (own development, numerous studies conducted)
  • Maximum of flexibility for the partner in the local marketing activities
  • Fair COGS (sale of finished product from German production plant)
  • Exclusive/ semi-exclusive distributor contracts
  • Long-lasting and reliable partnerships
Claudia Pühn
Head of International Sales & Partnering
Telefon: +49 951 6043-0
Dr. Jutta Haselmann
Senior Project Manager International Partnering
Telefon: +49 (0)951 - 6043-0